[Xbox/Win10 PC] PATCH 1.1.3

Tetris Effect: Connected Patch 1.1.3 (3/22/21)

——–Patch notes v1.1.3——–

[Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Win10 PC]


  1. [PC] Fixed an issue where closing SteamVR in 2D mode with a VR headset connected would close the app.
  2. [ALL] Fixed a bug in multiplayer where a player’s drop in SR was calculated as 0 when they lost to an opponent with a loss count above a certain value.
    • * Due to this bug, players’ SR in all the different modes is generally higher than we intended; we may adjust SR to account for this sometime in the future.
  3. [ALL] Fixed a bug where your SR in a given mode could be copied to another mode after gaining SR due to your opponent disconnecting.
  4. [ALL] Fixed a bug where some players’ Tier icon would not update to the correct icon.
  5. [XB1/XSX] Fixed an issue where colors in certain environments were oversaturated after HDR was turned off in Options.
  6. [PC] Fixed an issue in VR Mode where some UI elements such as the Zone Meter or Countdown numbers weren’t updating if they were out of sight.
  7. [ALL] Fixed an issue where controllers didn’t vibrate in Multiplayer Local Matches, even if vibration was enabled in Options.
  8. [ALL] Fixed a bug where playing 40 Ranked Matches in CONNECTED VS Mode would not unlock the appropriate avatar.
    • * If you completed this goal at any point, the avatar will unlock after you apply this update.
  9. [ALL] Fixed a bug where the ZONE ATK/MIN stat was being calculated incorrectly in ZONE BATTLE.
    • * Due to this bug we will be resetting the stats of ATTACKS PER MINUTE, ZONE ATTACKS PER MINUTE, and MAX ZONE ATTACK in STATS: MULTIPLAYER in this update.
  10. [ALL] Fixed a bug in CONNECTED and CONNECTED VS. Modes where the Boss’s defensive “comets,” statistics for the results screen, and EXP gains were carried over to the next game after RETRYing.
  11. [ALL] Fixed some unexpected behaviors when certain pairs of blitzes (Twins & Giant, for example) were triggered in succession in CONNECTED or CONNECTED VS Modes.
  12. [ALL] Fixed a visual glitch where lines completed during the Connected Zone sometimes displayed incorrectly in CONNECTED or CONNECTED VS Modes.
  13. [ALL] Fixed a visual glitch that occurred when a player topped out just before the Matrices combined in CONNECTED or CONNECTED VS Modes.
  14. [ALL] Fixed an issue where the incorrect music played when a new SCORE ATTACK or CLASSIC SCORE ATTACK game was started at the same Speed Level as the last game.


INITIAL ROTATION, INITIAL HOLD, AND ROTATION SYSTEM FIXES. Note: If you don’t already know what these terms mean, chances are this will not interest you 🙂

  • [ALL] Fixed a bug where the rotation offsets of Z Tetriminos were incorrect.
  • [ALL] Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes unexpectedly end in higher levels of Master Mode or Score Attack when Initial Hold and Initial Rotation was enabled.



  • [ALL] Settings modified in the Option menus are now reflected in the Player Settings menu within Multiplayer (including keyboard settings).


COMMON KNOWN ISSUES (not a comprehensive list):

  • [PC] On certain PC configurations, a cloud save dialogue window can appear “under” the game when launching, effectively stopping the game from starting. If you experience this issue, please go to Startup > Right-click on Tetris Effect Connected > More > Run As Administrator, and the cloud save dialog window should appear on top of the game.

PC users: Please open the Microsoft Store page to download the latest version!

パッチの内容 v1.1.3 (Japanese translation)