Tetris Effect: Connected Community Kit

This Community Kit is intended to be used by players, content creators, tournament hosts, and anyone else who might require Tetris Effect: Connected assets.

If you’re interested in running an event or tournament…

We want to work with you to best support your event, and to help make sure everything goes smoothly! Please send us an email (press @ enhance-experience.com) or message one of our staff on Discord marked with the role “Community Manager” with the following information:

Real Name:
Online Name:
Discord Username (with #0000):
Name of your organization:
A short description of your event:
Event start and end dates (with exact start/end dates AND times, these are necessary for posting on some platforms):
Where are you holding it (in-person/online, which community?)
Is it being broadcast/recorded if yes, what’s your link?:
Social Media Accounts for your organization:

Please also send us social media assets in at least 1920 x 1080px size — this could be a branded poster/graphic outlining the details of your event.

If you’re interested in streaming or creating online content…

We would love to see what you’re creating! If you’re going live, please make sure you post in our #🎬-videos-and-livestreams channel on Discord. If you post content to YouTube and are sharing it on your social accounts, don’t forget to tag us at @enhance_exp.