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Registration is open until August 31, 6pm PDT / September 1, 10am JST

Enhance Discord
Discord is required to participate in this event to communicate with your opponents and the event organizers.

Event Information
Enhance presents official Tetris Effect: Connected tournaments starting this year under the name “Tetris Effect: Connected World Championship.”

We’re kicking it off in 2022 with an event called Tri-Effect-A, a competitive, global, online cross-platform event for players of all skill levels. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Tri-Effect-A will test the skills of players in three modes: Zone Battle, Classic Score Attack and Score Attack. High placement in a game mode bracket will qualify the player to participate in the multi-mode main event to crown the true all-around Tetris Effect: Connected World Champion! Each game mode will have a separate bracket that will be divided into tiers based on skill level.

The tournament will be run on the Enhance Discord where players can find their matches, watch streams and speak to tournament staff. The community is also welcome to spectate featured matches! Support is available in both English and Japanese.


  • 8/17 – Registration Opens
  • 8/31, 6pm PDT [9/1, 10am JST] – Registration Closes
  • 09/01 – Tri-Effect-A Qualifier Begins
  • 09/21 – Tri-Effect-A Qualifier Deadline for all modes (Tier 1 bracket)
  • 09/23 – *Special Exhibition* Connected Vs. Invitational Stream
  • 09/24 – Zone Battle Finals
  • 09/30 – Score Attack Finals
  • 10/01 – Classic Score Attack Finals
  • 10/08 – Tri-Effect-A Finals
  • 10/14 – Zone Battle Event / Showmatches
  • 10/15 – Connected Vs. Tournament at CTWC


Tri-Effect-A Champion
1st: $1111 + medal

Mode finalist (Zone Battle, Score Attack, Classic Score Attack)
1st: $333 for each mode + medal

*We’ll also be doing raffles for games for participants and on our streams!


Tri-Effect-A Tier Format

Once registration ends, the qualifying phase will begin. Players will be grouped into skill tiers based on their in-game SR for the game mode competition they signed up for.

Each skill tier consists of a double elimination bracket for Zone Battle, Score Attack, and Classic Score Attack.

The highest level skill tier, known as the Grand Master tier, will consist of the Tri-Effect-A main event. To qualify for the Tri-Effect-A bracket, a player must place in the top 4 in one of the Grand Master game mode brackets. The Tri-Effect-A main event will consist of 12 players total. If there are players that placed in the top 4 in more than one game mode, A play-in match between the next highest placements in the game mode brackets in which a player placed top 4 multiple times will be arranged using the Tri-Effect-A match format.

The Tri-Effect-A bracket seeding will be determined using a player’s overall in-game SR and tournament performance between the three 1v1 game modes.

Playing Matches

Check brackets you are participating in regularly to see if you have a matchup available. When you have an opponent, reach out to the opponent within Discord by either using the public facing Enhance Discord chat channels, or by directly messaging them.

If you have trouble contacting your opponent before a match deadline, please contact a tournament organizer so that you can advance within the bracket.

Zone Battle

  • First to 5
  • Standard Rules

Classic Score Attack

  • First to 3
  • Home Team / High Seed picks level 1st
  • Level Selection depends on skill tier (9, 12, 15, 18)

Score Attack

  • First to 3
  • Home Team / High Seed picks level 1st
  • Level Selection depends on skill tier (5, 10, 15, 20)

Multi-Mode / Tri-Effect-A

  • First to 2
  • High Seed picks which game mode to play from for the first match, the lower seed picks for the second match, then the remaining game mode is played if needed
  • Game Modes : Zone Battle, Score Attack, Classic Score Attack


A second event under the Tetris Effect: Connected World Championship is CONNECTED 2022. This year, we’re hosting an invitational that features the first Connected Vs. team competition! While the Tri-Effect-A brackets are in progress, Connected Vs. showmatches will be hosted on the Enhance Twitch channel at https://twitch.tv/EnhanceExperience.

Stream Schedule

  • 09/23 – *Special Exhibition* Connected Vs. Invitational Stream
  • 10/15 – Connected Vs. Tournament at CTWC (Online stream in English/Japanese)
*Schedule (dates and times subject to change). Please contact our Tournament staff on Discord with any questions.