MEGA Weekend Ritual 2023

Tetris Effect: Connected 3-Day MEGA WEEKEND EVENTS UPDATE (2023-10-25)

As some of you may have noticed, points were no longer being counted towards the Ritual Goal during last weekend’s MEGA weekend event on Steam, Epic, Xbox, and Quest platforms. We apologize for the unforeseen circumstances and avatars not being distributed to Steam and Xbox participants. The good news is that points were being collected on the backend and the RELAX MEGA Weekend event goal was met.

PS4: 749,699
PS5: 212,555
Switch: 675,585
Epic: 56,986
Xbox: 296,337
Quest: 60,823
Steam: 1,069,000
TOTAL: 3,120,985 (Goal: 3,000,000)

Unfortunately, we will not be able to run the remaining 3-Day MEGA Weekend Events as previously announced. This is disappointing news to all of us as we know you were excited about the extended events. We plan to make it up to the community in the future.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Tetris Effect: Connected 3-Day MEGA WEEKEND EVENTS

For a limited time, Weekend Rituals are changing. We’re hosting a 3-day MEGA in-game event every week to celebrate the TECWC 2023 tournament!

Starting Oct. 20 and every week until the end of TECWC 2023, the EFFECT MODE Weekend Ritual has a new duration.

Starts: Friday, 8:00 UTC
Ends: Monday, 8:00 UTC

How to join

Visit EFFECT MODE in-game and work with the community to reach a MEGA cross-platform point goal. Check this post on Mondays after the event to see the results of each MEGA Weekend Ritual. Each platform will have their own point goals but we are combining scores from all platforms at the end.


  • Oct. 20-23: SCORE ATTACK Weekend (RELAX)
  • Oct. 27-30: CLASSIC SCORE ATTACK Weekend (CLASSIC)
  • Nov. 3-6: ZONE BATTLE Weekend (ADVENTUROUS)
  • Nov. 10-13: TRI-EFFECT-A Grand Finale Weekend (FOCUS)

Register Now for TECWC 2023

It’s not too late to register for TECWC 2023. Registration ends two hours before the start of each time slot. There are two different time slots for each mode to accommodate all players globally.

Visit the tournaments page to see the schedule of events and to sign up!