TECWC 2023 Tournament – How to play your match on start.gg


For those new to start.gg, here’s a guide on how to play your match.

  1. Check In
    1. Visit start.gg/tecwc and log in to your account.
    2. Click the View Match button next to the event listed in Your Events section.
    3. Click the green Check-In button, then wait for your opponent to check in!
  2. Play your Match
    Once you and your opponent are both checked in, it’s time to create and join the game! Use the Chat tab to communicate with your opponent. The higher seeded player will create the lobby and send the Room ID using the Chat tab.
  3. Report Scores 
    When the match is finished, you and your opponent will both be prompted to report the score. If there’s any issues, you can always switch to the Chat tab and Request a moderator if you believe your opponent is reporting scores incorrectly. After you’ve reported scores, continue following the instructions until the set is complete!
  4. Verify Match Results 
    After completing the set and reporting scores, you’ll be asked to verify the match results. This is where you confirm that the reported score is accurate. Click Confirm to verify the results.
  5. Join Your Next Match 
    Once you’ve verified the results, you can click Back to bracket in the top-left corner to see where you currently are in the bracket. When your next match is ready, click on it to check in and get started! Repeat until you’re knocked out or win the tournament!


Be sure to have a stable line of communication with your teammates to determine who will be playing as the boss and who will be playing in the 1v1 ace matches. We recommend connecting and chatting via the Enhance Discord before and during the tournament.


Join the Enhance Discord to chat with TECWC staff.

We will set up a temporary mode channel each week if you would like to use Discord to communicate with your opponents or staff!