Tetris Effect: Connected Original Soundtrack

To celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 5/PS VR2 version of the game, we have added 11 new songs from Tetris Effect: Connected to the Tetris Effect Original Soundtrack.

The album is now known as the Tetris Effect: Connected Original Soundtrack, complete with 51 tracks by award-winning musical artist Hydelic. Bandcamp followers get first dibs on the new tracks before they hit other streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) soon.

For those of you who purchased the original album on Bandcamp (thank you!) you will get the new tracks for free! To download the new tracks, go to your Collection or Purchases page on your Bandcamp account and re-download the album. The album is also available on Steam! For those who purchased the original album there, update your album to the latest version to get the new tracks for free.

If you don’t have a Bandcamp account, search your email for your receipt (the subject “Your download from Enhance”) and click the original download link. If your link has expired, enter the email you used to purchase the album and Bandcamp will send a new download link.



IMPORTANT Update (May 1, 2023)
Streaming platforms and iTunes/Amazon Music

NOTE: The Tetris Effect, Vol. 2 (Connected Edition) [Original Soundtrack] for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music is not the full album with 51 tracks. For those looking for the complete version, please head to Bandcamp or Steam to purchase the full 51-track album for $10.

Thank you for your continued support for our game Tetris Effect: Connected and interest in the accompanying soundtrack.

We originally released the 40-track Tetris® Effect (Original Soundtrack) in May 2020 on Bandcamp, major streaming/downloadable platforms (Apple Music, Amazon, etc.) through our aggregator TuneCore, and Hydelic’s YouTube channel. On Sep 27, 2021, we released the soundtrack on Steam.

In February 2023, we decided to release an additional 11 tracks from the Connected multiplayer expansion of the game. On Bandcamp and Steam, we offered this for free to those who previously purchased the full album on the platform and officially updated the album to Tetris® Effect: Connected Original Soundtrack. New customers can purchase this full 51-track album for $10 USD on those platforms.

However, the same could not be done for streaming/downloadable platforms via TuneCore due to the length of the updated Tetris® Effect: Connected Original Soundtrack running over the TuneCore limit of 2.5 hours. This meant we had no other option but to make the 11 tracks from Connected available as a separate product/album titled Tetris Effect, Vol. 2 (Connected Edition) [Original Soundtrack]. Additionally, in order to distribute an album on those platforms for streaming, we must offer the album and tracks for purchase. The respective platforms set the retail prices on their storefronts and it is not up to us/artist — in the case of iTunes, that price is $9.99 USD (for an album with more than 10 songs) and Amazon Music sets customer prices independently (the retail price) through wholesale tiers with a final retail price of $8.99 for this album. (More details on pricing information below)

We apologize for not being able to offer the Tetris Effect: Connected Original Soundtrack in the same format across all available platforms and appreciate your understanding.

Please note we are unable to refund any purchases of Tetris Effect, Vol. 2 (Connected Edition) [Original Soundtrack] on iTunes or Amazon Music.

More info:

Apple Music

  • Important: In order to deliver your content to Apple Music, you must distribute to iTunes and opt into the Apple Music service.
  • By default, albums are automatically priced in iTunes using this equation: # of songs X $0.99 USD = price of album.
  • EXCEPT if the album has more than 10 songs, in which case the price will automatically default to $9.99 USD.

Amazon Music

  • IMPORTANT: Amazon Music sets customer prices independently (the retail price). Even though you may choose which pricing tier you’d like for your album (the wholesale price), the corresponding customer price is set by Amazon MP3 and can change at any time.