Tetris Effect: Connected Patch 1.2.7 (12/13/21)

——–PATCH NOTES V1.2.7 ——–

[ALL] CONNECTED VS Mode is now unlocked and available to play any time in LOCAL MATCH or FRIEND MATCH! (Playing the mode in RANKED MATCH is still only possible during the weekend Full Moon event 24-hour period.)

[SWITCH] Fixed an issue where the Matrix could go off-screen when VERTICAL FLIP or UP CLOSE occurred while playing certain stages in MYSTERY Mode.

[PS4] Fixed an issue where PlayStation VR would crash at launch when Supersampling is enabled in the console settings.  

[ALL] Fixed an issue that caused the game to slow down when repeatedly retrying in CONNECTED Mode Area 5, or when playing as Tetrimidion in CONNECTED VS Mode.

[ALL] Fixed an issue where Tetriminos would not drop for about 10 seconds if you topped out immediately at the start of the Infinite Zone (which occurs at the end of the Metamorphosis stage in JOURNEY MODE when you play through the entire mode without exiting back to the menu.)

[ALL] Fixed an issue where Tier 10 players were sometimes not able to see other players’ avatars in the background of the Mode select screen in MULTIPLAYER.

[All] Fixed an issue where the game could suddenly Game Over in Master Mode when INITIAL ROTATION/HOLD was set to TYPE B.

Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.

KNOWN IN-GAME ISSUES (not a comprehensive list):

[PS4/PS5, XB1/XSX] Leaving the game in the multiplayer menu when suspending / putting your system into sleep or rest mode can (if or when your network connection is interrupted at any point) return a network error when trying to access Rankings or matchmaking in Ranked Matches. Please restart the game to fix this.


[SWITCH] Changing Nintendo Switch system clock to a future time and posting scores in online multiplayer and then resetting it back could prevent your scores from updating in online multiplayer. Please do not change the system clock when playing online multiplayer. 

[QUEST] Oculus Quest has implemented a new cloud backup system that is currently only available to users with OS version V35 or later.  Please note that this cloud backup is a different system from the previous cloud save and backup occurs only once a day on a set timing.

Since this is still in the test phase, there is a risk that your progress may be lost when uninstalling if the data is not backed up correctly. Please continue to refrain from uninstalling the software for now.  

[WIN10] A cloud save dialogue window can appear “under” the game when launching on some PC configurations, effectively stopping the game from starting. If you experience this issue, please go to Startup > Right-click on Tetris Effect Connected > More > Run As Administrator, and the cloud save dialog window should appear on top of the game.

[WIN10] If you have more than one Windows user signed in, your Xbox account may not be recognized in the game. A workaround is to sign out all other signed-in users so that your Xbox account will be recognized in the game.

Microsoft Store users: Please open the Microsoft Store page to download the latest version!