Tetris Effect: Connected Patch 1.2.4 (10/4/21)

——–PATCH NOTES V1.2.4 ——–



[ALL] Updated to allow cross-platform play with the Nintendo Switch version, launching Friday, Oct. 8th.

[All] Fixed a game desync issue that could occur in certain cases when proceeding to the next game in Connected, Connected VS and Zone Battle modes.

[XB1X] Fixed an issue where the game could crash in the Metamorphosis stage of Journey Mode when played on 4K with HDR enabled.

[All] Fixed a bug in Connected and Connected VS modes where the initial hold stayed activated once you pressed the hold button during a No Spin Blitz boss attack, if you set INITIAL ROTATION / HOLD to TYPE B.

[ALL] Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.

KNOWN ISSUES (not a comprehensive list):

[PS4/PS5, XB1/XSX] Leaving the game in the multiplayer menu when suspending/putting your system into rest mode can (if or when your network connection is interrupted at any point) return a network error when trying to access Rankings or matchmaking in Ranked Matches. Please restart the game to fix this.

[QUEST] Cloud save is not supported due to instability with the Oculus system. Until it is worked out and restored, please do not uninstall the game as it will wipe your save progress. If you are having problems with your game launching, restart your headset; if that is unsuccessful, please contact Oculus support.

[WIN10] A cloud save dialogue window can appear “under” the game when launching on some PC configurations, effectively stopping the game from starting. If you experience this issue, please go to Startup > Right-click on Tetris Effect Connected > More > Run As Administrator, and the cloud save dialog window should appear on top of the game.


Microsoft Store users: Please open the Microsoft Store page to download the latest version!