Tetris Effect: Connected Patch 1.2.3 (9/21/21)

——–PATCH NOTES V1.2.3——–


[QUEST, PSVR, PCVR] Fixed an issue in CONNECTED VS where the player’s camera shifted to an odd position when Continue was selected. 

[PC] Fixed an issue where the game would not immediately recognize a second controller at startup in some configurations.

[ALL] Implemented a general failsafe measure to prevent an issue where the game could stall when entering MULTIPLAYER for certain players. (We will be following up with users who reported this problem, but if you had this issue and it is now fixed, or it is still a problem, please submit a support ticket and let us know.)

[ALL] Updated matchmaking code to automatically retry when there is a session error upon joining the lobby. Due to this, joining or creating a room may take as long as 1 minute.  (During times of severe network load, it’s still possible that session errors may occur.) 

[ALL] Updated the matchmaking code to minimize the chances of session errors when transitioning to the match after both players hit Ready. (During times of severe network load it’s still possible that session timeouts may occur.)

[XB1] Updated development kit version as a measure to prevent system-related in-game crashes

[WIN10] Fixed an issue where the controller disconnect pop-up would not close in certain cases.

[QUEST] Fixed an issue where all GRAPHICS options would reset to default when re-launching the app. 

[ALL] Fixed an issue where the controller would not vibrate when playing as a client in CONNECTED and CONNECTED VS.

[ALL] Fixed an issue in CONNECTED and CONNECTED VS where Tetriminos in certain areas were not appearing when the Unstable boss Blitz hit.

[ALL] In CONNECTED Multiplayer modes, Tetriminos pre-rotated by this boss’s “No Spin” Blitz now spawn at the same location as Tetriminos pre-rotated by Initial Rotation.

[ALL] Added unique names for 23- and 24-line Zone clears. We’ll leave it to you to find those 🙂

[PC] In Multiplayer, in addition to using 1 + Arrow keys to emote, you can now also alternately use F2 + Arrow keys to emote. 

[PC VR] Added Windows MR support (Beta). (Adjusted HP Reverb G2 controller binding.)
(In-game OPTIONS >CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS is not supported but you may change the binding from SteamVR

[PC VR] Fixed an issue where Valve Index controls couldn’t be re-bound in SteamVR.

[XB1, XSX, Win10] Fixed an issue In JOURNEY MODE or EFFECT MODES Rankings, where a network error may occur when trying to view MY SCORE or FRIEND Rankings when you or your friends are ranked above 10,000 on that board.

Other minor adjustments and bug fixes. 


KNOWN ISSUES (not a comprehensive list):

[PS4/PS5, XB1/XSX] Leaving the game in the multiplayer menu when suspending/putting your system into rest mode can (if or when your network connection is interrupted at any point) return a network error when trying to access Rankings or matchmaking in Ranked Matches. Please restart the game to fix this.

[QUEST] If you are having problems with your game after updating, please do not uninstall/reinstall your game to attempt to fix these issues.
It will wipe your save progress and you may not be able to launch. This is linked to problems with Oculus OS updates not installing all necessary game files after uninstalling. If you are having problems with your game launching, restart your headset and if this is unsuccessful, please contact Oculus for their support.

[WIN10] A cloud save dialogue window can appear “under” the game when launching on some PC configurations, effectively stopping the game from starting. If you experience this issue, please go to Startup > Right-click on Tetris Effect Connected > More > Run As Administrator, and the cloud save dialog window should appear on top of the game.

Microsoft Store purchasers: Please open the Microsoft Store page to download the latest version!