[Xbox/Win10 PC] PATCH 1.1.4

Tetris Effect: Connected Patch 1.1.4 (3/24/21)

——–Patch notes v1.1.4——–

[Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Win10 PC]


  • [XSX/XB1] Fixed a bug after the v1.1.3 release where HDR visuals became muted when the HDR setting was enabled.

COMMON KNOWN ISSUES (not a comprehensive list):

  • [XSX/XB1 HDR Known Issue] Disabling the HDR from the in-game options will not completely disable HDR on XSX/XB1 and after automatic reboot.
    If you would like to disable HDR when playing on a HDR monitor, please manually reboot the app or disable HDR on the console settings and restart the app.
  • [PC] On certain PC configurations, a cloud save dialogue window can appear “under” the game when launching, effectively stopping the game from starting. If you experience this issue, please go to Startup > Right-click on Tetris Effect Connected > More > Run As Administrator, and the cloud save dialog window should appear on top of the game.

PC users: Please open the Microsoft Store page to download the latest version!

パッチの内容 v1.1.4 (Japanese translation)