[Xbox/Win 10 PC] PATCH 1.0.6

Tetris Effect: Connected Patch 1.0.6 (11/20/20)

——–Patch notes v1.0.6——–

[Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Win 10 PC]

NOTE: 1.0.6 players can only play Ranked Match with 1.0.6 players; also, the “Weekend Ritual” event will only appear for 1.0.6 players. PC players please make sure to update your game before playing online. (Friend Match can still match players of different versions but will cause sync issues.)

  1. Fixed a bug causing Score Rating (SR) to sometimes increase or decrease by incorrect amounts.
  2. Added 1500 to all existing players’ SR in all modes (new players will now start at 3500 SR instead of 2000 SR) to better align with how other aspects of the matchmaking system were designed to function. Will continue to monitor and adjust this as needed.
  3. In Ranked Match, adjusted Score Attack and Classic Score Attack Modes to end once there is a winner. Note: Not our ideal solution, since the winning player now can no longer continue to play for a High Score, but a (hopefully) temporary measure while we investigate ways to allow the losing player the option to leave a match. Until then, we have also removed the leaderboards for High Score in both Score Attack modes.
  4. In Zone Battle Mode, adjusted the amounts of Broken Lines sent as a result of higher-level Combos (from [0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5 from there on] to [0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4 from there on]) to account for high-level play. Will continue to monitor and adjust this as needed.
  5. In Connected Vs. Mode, adjusted attack values for when skilled and highly-skilled players control the boss (and could be de-facto invincible). Will continue to monitor and adjust this as needed.
  6. In Connected Vs. Mode, increased amount of Line Clears required by the Tetrimidion boss to activate Blitzes.
  7. In Connected Vs. Mode, players with under 2000 SR will be reset to 3500 SR (due to a bug which reset some players SR to 0 in this mode).
  8. Fixed a bug causing soft lock in Mystery Mode in certain situations.
  9. [PC] Fixed a bug causing Classic Score Attack Mode to crash under certain settings.
  10. [XB1] Performance improved in Score Attack and Classic Score Attack modes. Will continue to monitor and adjust this as needed.
  11. [XSX/S, XB1] Voice chat enabled (though default setting is still ‘off’). Working on PC version support. Note: enabling voice chat may increase the likelihood of crashing when entering or exiting multiplayer modes with an unstable network connection. Please disable voice chat if you encounter this problem and we will continue to investigate.
  12. [PC] Fixed an issue with certain controllers / sign-ins causing issues such as appearing offline.

COMMON KNOWN ISSUES (not a comprehensive list):

  • [XSX/S, XB1] After suspending and resuming the game, there can be difficulties sending / accepting invites or joining online sessions. For now, if you encounter this issue please quit and restart the game.
  • [PC] Switching profiles mid-game does not work.
  • [PC] Alt-Tab causing the game to hang on some PC configurations.
  • In Connected and Connected Vs. Modes, if the last of the 3-player-team tops out just before the Connected Zone (where all three Matrices combine), it will trigger a bug where the game cannot continue as usual after selecting “Retry.”

PC users: Please open the Microsoft Store page to download the latest version!

パッチの内容 v1.0.6 (Japanese translation)