Tetris Effect Complete Patch Notes

[Tetris Effect PS4 Patch 1.09 – 11/12/19]

  • Added Constant Speed Level and Line Clear options for Relax Mode Quick Play and Marathon.
  • Updated loop option in Theater Mode. Loop one stage (ON) or do an endless loop of all stages (OFF).
  • Fixed timer behavior on unusual frame rate condition in certain Effect Modes.
  • Fixed IRS left shift bug on right rotation.
  • Fixed IRS so it will no longer go back to neutral when rotating at spawn and rotating back during delay time.
  • Trophies now displayed in Results screen or while paused in VR.
  • Addressed minor graphics and control issues.


[Tetris Effect PS4 Patch 1.08 – 4/17/19]

  • Fixed a bug with the timer in certain modes
  • Updated game start timing in Journey Mode to begin after fade-in
  • Updated Effect Modes to display Next during the countdown leading up to start
  • Other minor bug fixes


[Tetris Effect Patch 1.07 – 12/17/18]

  • Enabled pause menu when a controller disconnects.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent lockdown timing at some Speed Levels.
  • Adjusted IRS to prevent multiple spins or unintended spins.
  • Minor gameplay and visual tweaks and other fixes.


[Tetris Effect Patch 1.06 – 12/4/18]

  • Added “Customize Controls” menu in Options > Gameplay
  • Added “Zoomed Way In” selection to Options > Gameplay > Camera Zoom
  • Added a new Ranking selection: “Master (LINES)”
  • Fixed a bug related to T-Spin detection
  • Other minor bug fixes


[Tetris Effect PC Patch 1.03 – 8/2/2019]

  • Fixed an issue that can cause slowdown on The Deep stage in Marathon mode.
  • Fixed an issue where switching from high resolution to lower resolution sometimes did not reset correctly.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


[Tetris Effect PC Patch 1.02 – 7/26/2019]

  • PS4 controller support added
  • Recenter VR screen button added to keyboard (hold Esc key)
  • “Reset seated position” now supported on VIVE
  • Fixed random fatal error and “My Score” bug on rankings
  • Minor visual tweaks and other fixes