Vote for Your Favorite Tetris Effect Level Every Day Until May 13th

Help us choose the top Tetris Effect level by voting daily for your favorites!

Each day, randomized Tetris Effect levels will appear in a poll our on Twitter (@enhance_exp). Voting continues until one level remains. That level will be made into a PS4 Dynamic Theme and will be free for 1 month!

VOTING STARTS April 30th and continues every day for two weeks. Voting begins at 10am PT and ends 24 hours later.

The ultimate winner will be announced Monday, May 13th at 10am Pacific time on Twitter.

In case you don’t know the level names, we’ll attach videos of each level in the poll thread!

This post will stay updated throughout the contest to show winners of previous days.

Day 1 (4/30):
Yin & Yang – WINNER
Aurora Peak
Zen Blossoms
Balloon High

Day 2 (5/1):
Jeweled Veil
Da Vinci – WINNER
Aurora Peak
Turtle Dreams

Day 3 (5/2):
Spirit Canyon
Jellyfish Chorus
Downtown Jazz – WINNER

Day 4 (5/3):
Mermaid Cove
Metamorphosis – WINNER
Forest Dawn

Day 5 (5/4):
Prayer Circles
Karma Wheel
Dolphin Surf – WINNER

Day 6 (5/5):
Deep Sea – WINNER
Sunset Breeze

Day 7 (5/6):
Hula Soul
Pharaoh’s Code
Ritual Passion
1989 level – WINNER

Day 8 (5/7):
Yin & Yang – WINNER
Da Vinci

Day 9 (5/8):
Downtown Jazz
Metamorphosis – WINNER

Day 10 (5/9):
Dolphin Surf
Deep Sea – WINNER

Day 11 (5/10):
1989 – WINNER
Yin & Yang

Day 12 (5/11):
Metamorphosis – WINNER
Deep Sea

Day 13 (5/12):
Metamorphosis – WINNER

FINAL DAY (5/13):