Eurogamer’s game of the year 2018 is Tetris Effect

“We could have leant into this with our choice of game of the year and picked a game that captured the zeitgeist and pointed the way to the future. (We very nearly did: see ‘The other game of the year’, below.) We could have picked one of those surviving bastions of Big Gaming, a God of War or a Red Dead, because the scale of craftsmanship they display is often extraordinary to behold, but our hearts wouldn’t have been in it. These games stirred admiration in us, but not passion.

Instead, our choice for game of the year is a game to cut through all this noise and make a nonsense of all this talk. It’s a game of utter purity, a contemporary take on a timeless classic, and a genuinely inspiring and uplifting experience. It doesn’t care about the zeitgeist, because it is, in itself, the history and the future of video games rolled into one. It’s Tetris Effect.”