The Verge – Why Tetris Effect is my game of the year

“How could I pick a single favorite game of this year? 2018 has been incredible — for my money even better than 2017 overall. Monster Hunter World was a masterful update to my favorite series; I can’t get Red Dead Redemption 2 out of my head; Celeste is one of the tightest 2D games ever made. Those are just the first three that come to mind, but I’ve played 14 out of the 15 games on Andrew’s excellent list and basically loved them all.

But when I really think on it, there is one game that stands out for me on a personal level. There was only one game released this year that I know I’ll be playing for as long as the hardware exists to do so. A game I’ll remember 2018 by. A game that truly got me. That game is Tetris Effect.”