Fandom – ‘Tetris Effect’ Review: PSVR Breathes New Life Into A Timeless Classic (5/5)

All the while you’re clearing lines, both the songs and environments evolve dynamically. From the pitch black of a quiet seabed, you’re suddenly looking down at the Earth, as an ethereal space whale swims around you, while, in another majestic stroke, a scorching windy desert transforms into the Moon’s calm surface before you’re dropped back in the sea, guided by a school of dolphins. They’re pure fever dreams of destinations and memories.

We’d be spoiling to say more, but there’s simply no shortage of ideas, realised to astounding effect. We get misty-eyed just thinking of these breathtaking visions conjured up in front of us, whether in crisp 4K and HDR on a PS4 Pro or utterly enveloped in VR.

In fact, this is by far the most emotional journey we’ve ever had in a video game since, well, Journey. It turns out that falling blocks really can make you cry.”