– Hands-On: The Tetris Effect is VR Puzzle Nirvana

But even as a normal Tetris experience The Tetris Effect feels fresh just through its presentation. Unsurprising from the man who made Rez, The Tetris Effect places a heavy emphasis on syncing the gameplay with trippy music and lights. Songs, sound effects, and art styles change as you progress through stages, like skins in Lumines. Mandalas made of shimmering particles shift and spin and explode while a woman sings about our hearts all being connected.

It’s all so cool and pairs perfectly with the way puzzle games harmoniously reshape your brain, the titular “Tetris Effect.” Playing this all in VR (which is optional) completes the experience of sensory synesthetic cohesion between gameplay, visuals, and sound.

I rarely need an excuse to play more Tetris. But The Tetris Effect offers a tantalizing chance to completely seal myself off into an entire world of Tetris, like drowning in the most soothing ocean.”