Polygon – Tetris Effect has been in development for 6 years

Tetris Effect is a game that seems so obvious, even simple, if you describe it one sentence: Tetris, set to music, inside of virtual reality.

But the mind-expanding experience is so much more than that, and it took so much longer to make than possibly any other take on Tetris in history.

Tetris Effect, by Enhance Games — creators of Rez Infinite and Lumines Remastered —turns the puzzle game into a full-brain experience by adding musical cues and psychedelic visuals, and sticking it all in a fully immersive (yet totally optional) virtual reality package. Each stage in the game is wrapped around an original song, which all vary in tone, tempo and arrangement. Each move you make, from rotating tetrominoes to making hard drops, has a different musical cue depending on the stage, which create a symphony of sound when you get into a rhythm…”